Master Equality pt 2 | 13Five

The highly anticipated follow up to the 2009 release of what is arguably Sun Tzu Cadre's most known works. 13Five comes out of retirement to spearhead the long-awaited second installment of Master Equality. 

Rules of Engagement | Most High

Rules of Engagement is Most High's sophomore album and is riddled with hypnotic melodies behind Most High's unique voice and rhyming style. This album gives fans a feel for his growth since is debut, High Science. 

A.O.D.C | 13Five

AODC (Autobiography of Demetrius Clayborne) was 13Five's final album released in 2015 before going into retirement the following year. AODC is like a diary of ups and downs with an in depth look what makes 13 who he is.

13th Amendment | 13Five

In 2014, 13Five released 13th Amendment. This album features Hell Razah, Jon Connor, Boldy James and more.  2.5 rating in The Source Magazine. The lead single "Full of Lies" was featured on VLADTV.

The B.I.G. Album | Sun Tzu Cadre

The B.I.G. Album is the only "official" album ever made by Sun Tzu Cadre. In 2012 the group released B.I.G primarily produced by 13Five. Much like the hip hop groups of old, STC's music is hard hitting and content driven.

Master Equality | Sun Tzu Cadre

Written in 2008, recorded and released in 2009, Master Equality resonated with the people in ways that Sun Tzu Cadre's music had never done before. This classic is a must have in your collection.

From Nigga 2 God | Dial G

Debut release from Dial G. A tale of his transformation from "Nigga to God"

High Science | Most High

Debut release from Most High Scientist. A melodic and gritty introduction to the unique sound of Most High

Cha Ching 3 | Scrooge McJus

The third installment of the Cha Ching series. Scrooge McJus continues to please his listening audience.

Manifestation | OnOne

Sun Tzu Cadre's own nationally recognized poet/emcee OnOne debut release "Manifestation" (EP)

Cha Ching 2 | Scrooge McJus

The second installment of the Cha Ching series. Scrooge McJus follows up his debut with a yet another masterpiece.

A More Perfect Union | 13Five

In 2013, 13Five found himself working side by side with Hell Razah of Sunz of Man. Although 13 would not stay with Razah's GGO label long, he did produce "A More Perfect Union"